Family & Friends

We understand that getting the right information and help at the right time often means that a lot of the stress around care issues can be lifted. Having directly helped many families over the years navigate the complexities of the care system, we understand their frustrations at having to deal with multiple agencies and how confusing that can be. 

Carepal’s involvement ensures that all parties have us as the main point of contact instead which takes some the workload off you. You can be assured that we will always have the client’s best interests at heart and ensure that critical tasks are handled in a timely and sensitive manner. 


Elizabeth Faye

Director and Head of Care

M: 07815 290392

E: liz@carepal.org


How we work

We start by talking to you about the outcomes and objectives that you are trying to achieve, then we prepare a written overview of our suggested solution along with an estimate of our time and costs. 

Once the engagement paperwork is completed, we then send you the log in details to our Carepal Connect system, so you can log in to see real-time updates on the case, as well as what level the current ongoing costs are.


Types of care

When you or a family member needs elderly care, planning and arranging what to do can be very stressful. You could be faced with many decisions and may be unsure where to start or who to. Find out more


Paying for care

Working out how much you or relative might have to pay if someone needs to go into care can be daunting. The care system is complex and varies according to where you live in the UK. 

The first step is to understand which broad category you are likely to belong to; Social Care, Medical Care or Self-Funder. Find out more

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Mental incapacity can happen to any of us at any time, if you are known to be suffering from a medical condition which may impair your judgement or ability to make your own decisions in the future it is worth taking the time to consider maker a Lasting Power of Attorney. 

As you get older a Lasting Power of Attorney also gives you the choice about who you trust to look after your affairs on your behalf. It is important to note that a Lasting Power of Attorney can only be made whilst you are still capable of making and understanding your own decisions. 

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document in which you can appoint an attorney who will be designated to look after your affairs should the time come that you are no longer capable of doing so.  There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney. The first deals with your financial and property matters and the other covers your health and welfare matters.


Writing a will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. We can advise you how to set out all of your wishes whilst writing a will to give you complete peace of mind.

Writing a will shouldn’t be something that you only think about in old age. Writing a will is so important so that should the unexpected happen your loved ones are provided for in the way you would have wanted them to be.