How we work


By consolidating and coordinating a range of advice that includes care services, financial services, accountancy, tax and law we consistently deliver the most suitable outcomes for our clients. Our support goes beyond just the advice, as we understand the emotions involved at what can be a difficult time.

We integrate and co-ordinate with all the various parties and agencies to ensure the right outcomes. This ensures that friends and family continue in those roles rather than becoming the focal point of care.

We understand that getting the right information and help at the right time often means that a lot of the stress around care issues can be lifted. Having directly helped many families over the years navigate the complexities of the care system, we understand their frustrations at having to deal with multiple agencies and how confusing that can be. Carepal’s involvement ensures that all parties have us as the main point of contact instead.

When we get involved in a situation, you can be assured that we will always have the client’s best interests at heart and ensure that critical tasks are handled in a timely and sensitive manner. We offer online access to each case, via our Carepal Connect system that allows full transparency.

Our mission

To inspire, enable and assist the less able to enjoy their life, in the way that they want. We believe that everyone has the right to help, advice and justice whatever their circumstances.


Our culture and values

Our culture is driven by our values which mean a great deal to us. The management team are driven to achieve a high level of social responsibility and we pride ourselves on dealing with clients, partners and stakeholders who share these ideologies.

Our social covenant is comprised of 5 key principles:

Fighting discrimination


We believe that where possible that people should take personal responsibility for their actions with planning.

Justice for those with a care need

Correct provision

Correct environment

Correct funding


We fight for the upholding of the NHS constitution

Protecting social cohesion