NHS Care and Care Funding

In some situations the NHS is responsible for meeting care needs. This is usually when a person's need is mainly for healthcare rather than social care. NHS care can be provided in hospital but it could be in someone’s own home or elsewhere in the community. 

When care is provided through the NHS there is no financial assessment and no care charges to pay; however, people are only eligible for NHS care in certain circumstances.


Nursing Care

If someone goes into a residential care home but needs some element of nursing care, they’ll get a payment from the NHS to help pay for their nursing care. This is called a Registered Nursing Care Contribution (RNCC) .

Your needs will be assessed to decide if you're eligible for NHS funded nursing care.  You should receive it if you live in a care home registered to provide nursing care, and you don’t qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare but have been assessed as needing care from a registered nurse.  The NHS will make a payment directly to the care home to fund care from registered nurses who are usually employed by the care home.

Continuing Healthcare

If the person you care for has very severe and complex health needs, they may qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare. This is an ongoing package of care that’s fully funded by the NHS.

Continuing Healthcare is fully funded NHS care for those who are severely ill.  If your health needs are great, then you may receive NHS Continuing Healthcare. In this case, all care costs are met by the NHS. You may also be reassessed for NHS Continuing Care if your health deteriorates. Learn more about our NHS Continuing Care services

Intermediate Care

Some people can be eligible for intermediate care  from the NHS. This is provided on a short-term basis and is intended to help people to recover from an injury or illness, and stay independent. Intermediate care is often provided to elderly people who are being discharged from hospital, and may help someone to keep living in their own home rather than moving into a care home. 

S117 Aftercare

People who were previously detained in hospital under certain sections of the Mental Health Act will have their aftercare services provided free.

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