Whether you are acting as a professional attorney or deputy, we can work alongside you to help you demonstrate that you’re acting in your client’s best interests, by putting your clients at the heart of what we do. We can:

  • Undertake regular welfare visits
  • Provide Independent Financial Advice for Personal Injury awards
  • Review your client’s care package for suitability and cost effectiveness
  • Assist with any potential relocation of care home
  • Liaise with providers for home adaptations
  • Provide you with a comprehensive Case Management Service
  • Assess your client for eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare


Elizabeth Faye

Director and Head of Care

M: 07815 290392

E: liz@carepal.org


How we work

We start by talking to you about the outcomes and objectives that you are trying to achieve, then we prepare a written overview of our suggested solution along with an estimate of our time and costs. 

Once the engagement paperwork is completed, we then send you the log in details to our Carepal Connect system, so you can log in to see real-time updates as to where the case is up to, as well as what level the current ongoing costs stand at.

The services we offer below are only a selection of what we offer, so if you have a case that doesn’t look like it’s covered here, just give us a call or contact us with the details,


Regular welfare visits

We know that it’s not always possible for you to regularly visit all the clients that you act for as regularly as you would like to. That’s why we can offer to visit your client, for example, by way of an annual review of how they are doing or on a more regular basis if needed. Some cases need more regular contact in the early days, to ensure that the levels of care the client should be getting, are being delivered in the most appropriate way. 

We are able to undertake announced or unannounced visits to see first hand how your client is doing. We then report back to you as to the current situation and offer our recommendations.

Independent Financial Advice 

We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as fully independent financial advisers. We have over 30 years industry experience and can ensure that your client’s funds are structured in line with their immediate and longer term needs.

Our Financial Reviews can look at all the available options to ensure that the financial structure meets the clients needs and gives you as the Attorney or Deputy the comfort to know that the finances are suitability invested.

Care package review

We understand that a client’s needs are likely to change over time. We are able to undertake a detailed look at the day to day care package provided to your client and advise you as to whether it is still suitable to meet a client’s needs at that time.

We can ensure that your client’s aren’t missing out on valuable State Benefits and engage the services of the NHS Continuing Healthcare team, if we feel that this funding may be available to them. Each step of the way our progress is entered onto the Carepal Connect system, so that you can see real time updates and what the running total of costs are.


Care home relocation

It is a sad fact of reality that sometimes the care provided to an individual simply no longer meets their needs and they may have become withdrawn and unhappy with where they are living. 

We have extensive knowledge of the care system and we are able to review the suitability of the care placement and find your client a more suitable home. In addition, we can also help with the practical side of the move to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. We would work alongside you as well as the health and social care professionals to bring about a positive change to the life of your client, as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Home adaptations

For those clients of yours who want to remain at home, we are able to act on your behalf to help with any renovations and adaptations that are necessary to ensure their comfort and safety.

From stair lifts to ramps and wet rooms, we can liaise with the necessary Occupational Therapists and the adaptation providers to adapt their home to meet their needs.

Case management

We are able to help assess, plan and facilitate the options and services your clients circumstances dictate, in order to meet their complex health needs. We will ensure that you are kept informed throughout the process, whilst managing the various stages of a client’s care needs in a sympathetic and empathetic manner.

Putting clients care needs at the heart of what we do, helps to bring about the best outcome for you and your clients.


NHS Continuing Healthcare

If your client's needs have changed recently, it could be an appropriate time to enquire as to whether they would be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. Although it is a difficult process to go through, the main criteria is whether someone has a ‘Primary Healthcare Need’. If they do, then they will become eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare and their care fees will be funded by the NHS.

Attorneys and Deputies are usually told that their clients care needs have changed following an incident, accident or increased frequency of GP call outs. It’s at this point that you should be looking at whether they may be eligible for this valuable form of funding.

We are able to undertake a review of your clients care needs and advise you whether they are likely to be found eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare or not. If we believe they would be eligible, then we would start the process and if refused at any stage, we would be able to advise you as to whether an appeal is necessary. All appeals and correspondence would be undertaken by us, with your prior consent.

Other services

We understand that although some clients cases are similar, that no two are the same. If you can’t already see anything that matches what you need for your client, give us a call. 

Here’s just a few of our additional services:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Help with claiming for benefits
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Family Support services
  • Accountancy Services